We are a creative workshop where we produce candles and wax furnishings, scented plaster, handmade paper and small ceramic creations. We produce everything in-house, starting from the prototype, the silicone molds to the finished product. We are oriented to serve customers, including private, requiring a custom product for events, decorations, or simply to give something “special.”. All the wax objects produced by Cere di Trex are constantly monitored during the various phases of production inside the laboratory to guarantee their best quality. This has enabled us to become a part of the Eurispes 2007 report as one of the one hundred cases that symbolizes excellence in Italy.

Eurispes writes about us:

“Excellence doesn’t only mean big sales, but most of all great ideas. This is the case of the “Cere di Trex” Laboratory, a company that produces candles that has for sure qualified it self for product innovation, for philosophy and will. Even though the market, in this field, is undergoing a strong crisis, the requirements listed above have enabled this small reality to be noticed and to gain it self a place among Italian excellencies.”

Even in the case of projects based on a picture provided by the client, from the moment of creation of the prototype and of moulds to the choice of the right materials, to the phase of mass production, the Wax Factory Cere di Trex carries out with maximum professionalism the necessary controls so that the wax objects that are manufactured fully meet the customer’s desires.

The clients that today would have to describe the type of production offered by our wax company, probably wouldn’t limit them selves in pointing out only the candles but they would also list the art multiples, the wedding favour packaging and at least a part of our range of wax objects for interior decoration.

In fact, during the years, the Wax Factory Cere di Trex, born in a land with a strong spiritual and religious vocation like Assisi is, has found the courage and desire to suggest objects that are more and more different from those that were traditionally made with wax until giving this humble substance the opportunity to reach artistic results through the cooperation with designers, architects and professionals that work in the fields of cinema and photography.

The “Cere di Trex” laboratory is located inside the Nizzi Farmhouse. It can be visited during the opening hours, moreover, as a Didactic Farm, organizes courses on various topics: wax and candle making, handmade paper, ceramic.

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